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After years of assessing different lift options, Clinton Marina has determined Hydohoist to be the premier lift option for the lake. Ultralift’s polyethylene tanks, designed and manufactured by Hydrohoist, are highly resistant to impact or low-water damage, flexing when stressed, then returning unharmed to their original shape! And, all of Ultralift’s steel parts are above the water–a completely new concept in the boat lifting industry–to defy rust, corrosion, and the elements, and protecting your boat for years of convenient and carefree storage. The Ultralift–the ultimate in boat lift performance! Our knowledgeable staff also conduct daily dock-walks, to ensure proper functioning. All lifts must be installed by Clinton Marina. 


  • Precision-Designed & Custom-molded High-impact Polyethylene Tanks
  • All Steel Above The Water Line*
  • Full-width 4″ Frame Channel with 3″ Adjustable Expansion Channel
  • Heavy-duty 1/4″ Torsion Bars
  • Boat-Side Padded Step Pitmans*
  • Two-piece Urethane/Stainlesss Steel Pivot Bushings
  • Heavy-duty Hull Support System




  • 5,000 LBS
  • 6,600 LBS
  • 8,800 LBS
  • 10,000 LBS
  • 12,000 LBS


Please contact us for pricing information.
*Clinton Marina installation only


The HP Extreme has the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market. Our exclusive bow bumper slows your watercrafts forward motion and provides a soft rest for the keel. Our anti-slip walking surface provides the safest access to your craft.


  • PWC fully supported on high-performance 5″ x 2″ rollers
  • Ultra-tough polyethylene construction with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Marine Foam – Increased strength and leak elimination
  • CNC molds for exact form, function, and fit
  • Exclusive “Air-Pillow” bow stop
  • Stainless steel roller axles for increased strength and compatibility with fresh, brackish, and salt water
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate different models of watercraft
  • HydroHoist Site
  • Operating and Troubleshooting
  • Warranty


Please contact us for pricing information.
Clinton Marina installation only


Boats aren’t made of plastic, your dock box should not be either! By using the latest in fiberglass technology, our dock boxes are made to withstand the elements, they will not disfigure or deform over time as opposed to some cheaper to make plastic alternatives. Also leak proof, our dock box range can withstand the harshest of natures elements, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your dock boxes will last.


  • Strong, sandwich-core bench-like lid construction/ design for unsurpassed strength.
  • Gas lifts are standard on all models.
  • Lockable, stainless steel latches secured with oversized, rustproof rivets. Latch will accommodate up to 1/4″ shackle.
  • Heavy duty white fiberglass construction with an average 3/16″ thickness.
  • UV gelcoat provides long-lasting beauty and protection.
  • Brackets for optional gas cylinders are standard on all numerical model model numbers 426 and above.
  • Attractive off-white interior finish.
  • Stainless steel piano hinges are attached with adhesive and oversized, rustproof rivets.
  • 30 standard models; custom models are also available

MODEL 430 (54½ W x 34 D x 29½ H )

Dock Box, Model 430 – Call for Pricing

MODEL 625 ( 71 W x 22 D x 24¼ H ) *

Dock Box, Model 625 – Call for Pricing

MODEL 725 (85 W x 22 D x 24.5 H)

Dock Box, Model 725 – Call for Pricing

* Clinton Marina installation only

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